U.S TRADE MISSION; KENYA & TANZANIA. Unlocking trade and investment opportunities.

U.S TRADE MISSION; KENYA & TANZANIA. Unlocking trade and investment opportunities.

General / 24th October, 2022

Today Equity Bank Group in association with the United States has launched a trade mission that will cover East Africa inclusive of Dar es salaam, Zanzibar and Nairobi.

 As of opening, Group Director of Cooperate Banking of Equity Bank Tanzania, Raphael Onyango acknowledged the arrival of everyone in the bevy.  

Proceeding with the meeting this morning, Director of Policy for Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF), Zaki Mbela, acknowledged Tanzania as of late as it was ranked 9th position by the United Nations for the people to direct their FDI. All this was  achieved by effort of cooperation between the private sector and the public sector in the fields of agriculture, tourism, agriculture and so on. “As TPSF, we are working on the new Investment Act.

We need to see our strategies focused on a few areas. Therefore we recommend business interaction continue with Equity no matter what! We also wish to see our policies start to promote enabling environment for entrepreneurship including the SMEs.”, he elaborated. 

“Promotion could also be done especially of indigenous and foreign business partnerships and never underestimate the ability of any. Engagement of new ways of business and pursuing public private business model so that the private sector can remain the primary engine of the economy”, he added. 

Concluding this part of the meeting, Basil Ajuo, acknowledged Equity for this opportunity to meet and mingle with them as well as he explained their desire to reach Africa and they are more than pleased to interact and create a web in trade and commerce.