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Advertisement of Business Opportunities 

Date: 4th June 2021 

Reference no: 0002/NCA/2021 

Subject: Supply of Goods and Services 

Contracting Authority: Norwegian Church Aid - Tanzania Office 

Deadline for submission of letter of interest: 13th June 2021 


Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) is a Norwegian Non-Governmental organization working with local Faith based partners (FBOs) to promote Social and Economic Justice and Human Rights for poor communities. 

NCA has its foundations based in the congregations of Churches and Christian organizations in Norway, whose efforts are dedicated towards eradicating poverty, its causes and social deprivation. 

Norwegian Church Aid invites qualified suppliers of one or several of the following goods and services to respond to this advertisement. Suppliers who have responded to this advertisement and provide the required information may be invited to participate in the procurement procedure for the relevant lot(s). 

Goods and services needed: 

Hotel, conference, and accommodation services 

Stationery and office consumables 

Air ticket and car hire services 

IT support services (software and hardware). 

ICT Equipment (computers, phones,) 

Printing services 

Design services 

Agricultural input and Irrigation Equipment (drip irrigation pipes, fertilizers, pesticides) 

Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Consultancy _ to train Community water committees Insurance Services (Vehicle and Health, electronic equipment) 

Editorial and translation services 

Office furniture (chairs and tables)

Vehicle service and maintenance 

Clearing and forwarding services 

Monitoring &Evaluation Consultancies (baseline survey, mid-term and end-line project evaluation) 

Visibility Items (T shirts, sign boards, stickers) 

Other Consultancies (training beneficiaries or other stakeholders on issues related to Sexual and Gender Based Violence, Economic Empowerment, Climate Change, Food and Nutrition, Organizational Development, Communication, Advocacy, research, and publication) 

Visual (Photo, video) and Print documentation of development projects 

The interested supplier shall provide the following information to the Contracting Authority using the contact details below: 

Indicate which supplies or service you are interested in supplying. 

Provide the following information preferably in one page: 

The company’s name, registration documents (Brela and TRA) and contact details. 

contact person. 

brief description of the company’s background and main line of work; and 

experience with this kind of supply/service with reference to previous customers. 

This is purely information on business opportunities. and does not constitute a commitment to purchase or any other form of contractual commitment with the Contracting Authority. 

Information should be provided to the following address by email: 

Country Director, 

Norwegian Church Aid 


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